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DoodleToDo は Toodledo と同期可能な ToDo 管理アプリケーションです。


  1. Hi,

    We appreciate Doodletodo, it’s great. But one question: is it possible to sync over the Login-Dates instead of the API-Code? It’s about the “Sync Limit exceeded”-problem.

    Thank you very much

  2. wetcradle permalink

    Hi, Olli

    Thank you for using DoodleToDo.
    Please try to set your password again at [Data And Syncing]>[Change Account]>[Change Account and Merge Data].

    I have gotten same error “Sync Limit exceeded” because my password stored in DoodleToDo was broken.
    So I set my password again, then the error was solved.


  3. Hi,

    unfortunately it didn’t works. After I’ve reset the password, i’ve got the error message again. The thing is that we work with three at the same Login.
    We are a graphic design agency, so it would very practically if this works for us three.

    Thank you for your effort,

    • wetcradle permalink

      Hi, Olli

      Do you mean three people use the same Toodledo account to share your tasks?
      Then the workaround is you should extend sync interval at [Data And Syncing]>[Sync Interval].

      Currently DoodleToDo use Toodledo API version 1 whose rate limitation is 120 request/hour.
      Now I make DoodleToDo support API version 2 whose rate limitation is 250 request/hour.
      So you will be able to sync more frequently in the future releases.


  4. Matty permalink

    Hi 返信

    First – Thanks so much for developing this app, it’s going great!

    Will you be able to add the STAR function to DoodleToDo, I use it to mark off my daily jobs.



    • wetcradle permalink

      Thank you for contacting me.

      I’ll make an effort to fill your request.


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